The Colombian Department with More Malaria Cases from Abroad

The porous border has loaded the inhabitants of the Colombian Amazon with the cases of its Venezuelan neighbors. Shortage and indifference has led patients to seek treatment even in Bogotá. Meanwhile in San Fernando de Atabapo, the transmitting mosquito has folded people back into their homes. But "God exists." So says a mural that receives visitors at the port.

Malaria Spreads through the Remote Amazon

The last months of 2016 and the beginning of this year report an increase in the diagnosis of malaria in the western margin of the Venezuelan jungle province. The economic crisis has caused Venezuelan, Colombian, and Brazilian inhabitants of the border - to regard the illegal exploitation of gold as a possibility of instant wealth. In addition to a security problem due to the control, the indiscriminate felling in the region has intensified the work of sanitary authorities. This is a trip to in the depths of Venezuela, the one that is not in the headlines of the media or the agenda of the political leadership.

AIDS epidemic is decimating Warao people

The indicators of the Orinoco Delta surpass the world average. Doctors believe these indigenous people are facing a much more aggressive strain that threatens the survival of an entire population. The authorities, meanwhile, have kept silence about this case. Here is the first installment of this investigative report.

Sitio espejo
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