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Because a fabric will always be stronger than a single fiber, in Armando.Info we want to build a network of citizens who defend democracy by exercising their right to be informed.

Surely you have heard that a free press is part of the first line of defense of democracy, but in order to be free, the press must seek transparent means of financing and distant from interests that can manipulate it. That is why the financing of the press by citizens is gaining more and more strength in the world every day, thus guaranteeing its independence.

You can make the difference against those who seek to impose censorship. We invite you to be part of our network, and with your contribution you will help us to strengthen the following areas:


Human talent

New narratives


Thank you for your interest in supporting us. For legal reasons our company is registered in the State of Florida, U.S.A. Local legislation does not allow us to be a non-profit organization, so we are incorporated as an LLC. Therefore, voluntary contributions from those who, like you, want to help us do NOT generate any tax exemption rights.

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