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Music piracy reaches the on-line record stores

Mundo Digital USA, a company created in Florida, and related to another company based in Madrid, is using almost all the Venezuelan musical heritage after a suspicious and unclear operation. This is a situation derived from the paradigm change of consumption of songs and a certain indifference on behalf of the main record labels and those in charge of their labels, who failed to notice ahead of time the changes bequeathed by technology. The affected - singers, composers - remain the usual victims. The money they should receive for their creations arrives incomplete and sometimes it never does at all.

01/10/2017 11:49:10

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It's called Mundo Digital USA. It has taken over much of the catalogs of the Venezuelan record labels Sonografica, Velvet, El Palacio de la Musica and the ones that disappeared like Sonorodven, who had in their portfolios the best singers of the local scene of the Eighties, and distributes through online stores, against the will of their heirs, the songs of Simon Diaz, the most emblematic of the folklorists. The story is a sum of carelessness, mistakes and, to say of those affected, a blatant robbery of the collection of pop created in Venezuela three decades ago.

Those affected say that 70 percent of the collection of Venezuelan music is in the hands of impostors. That is, about 1,500 albums are available to Mundo Digital USA. If each one contains 10 songs, it reaches a figure of 15,000 pieces. If each one, which costs almost a dollar, is downloaded ten times, it would be about $150,000 per month that are in the hands other than its real owners. The figure is a twist in the eternal conflict between producing houses and artists. Composers and singers are even more unprotected because they are not getting anything for their creations. And how was it possible that the catalogs changed hands without their original owners knowing?

In these lines lies a possible explanation: