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The never-ending scams of Pedro Castillo

From being recognized in Margarita Island as the heir of the picturesque “Ranchos de Chana” (Chana’s slums) he has come to raise a different reputation outside Venezuela. In Miami, Florida, land of the Cuban exile and more recently of the Venezuelan exile, Pedro José Castillo Uzcátegui presents himself as a visionary business man, although in practice he has become a professional scammer.

25/06/2017 12:00:00

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An arrest warrant issued by Interpol in 2011 didn’t stop him. Neither did the various law suits he should have faced back in Venezuela. Pedro José Castillo Uzcátegui changed countries but not trades, and he’s being applying a technique with which he has being able to fool known and unknown people, recognized professionals from the Cuban community in Miami and Venezuelan talents that, running from their country’s crisis, have come to the United States for a fresh start. 

His name in Venezuela could be just another citizen’s name until you clear out his descent. He is the son of Chana Uzcátegui, creator of the recognized “Ranchos de Chana” in Margarita Island in the East part of the country. He is alongside with his siblings Triana and José, the legal representative of the Promotora Chana company, and the heir of a well-known touristic project as colorful as it is expensive, full of the luxuries that various figures from chavismo could afford with their dollars and ignoring an exchange control system established in 2003 and that still stands today.