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Contract killing commissioned in Miami and financed with preferential dollars

The murder of two young entrepreneurs committed in Caracas last May transcended the police report sections and gained an international echo inasmuch as one of the victims was related to a 'celebrity' in the fashion industry, Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer with the most global recognition. But the plot, also international, ended up highlighting the violent interlacings of the dispute over the control of the furtive foreign exchange business that operates between Florida and Venezuela

7/1/2017 3:43:04 PM

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On May 11, at five o'clock in the afternoon, almost at the same time that the families of Fabrizio Alberto Mendoza Isea and Reinaldo José Herrera Sánchez informed the police of the apparent kidnapping of the businessmen in La Boyera - a wealthy class suburb in the municipality of El Hatillo, on the hills of southeast Caracas-, the CICPC (crime scene investigators) received the report of the finding of two corpses in El Topo, a sector located on the old road that connects the Venezuelan capital with La Guaira, the port that serves the city. They were the bodies of two male people, handcuffed inside a Toyota Hilux armored truck. Both of them were shot in the head.

As soon as they received the report of the alleged plagiarism and heard, almost simultaneously, the report of the double murder, officials of the Anti-Extortion and Abduction Division of CICPC realized that they were not in fact dealing with a kidnap investigation. They began to work on other hypotheses and in a month they managed to clarify that what they were facing was a contract killing.