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Men will have to bite back.

In order to control the new four-legged threat, even hunting parties in helicopter have had to be organized. But these dog packs, which have already made the countryside their territory, now besiege the southernmost urban centers of Argentina, from where they initially escaped in most cases. While there are already reports of attacks against people in the city of Ushuaia, several ideas to face the problem have been proposed.

25/07/2017 15:22:21

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Part two | In the most populated city of the Argentinian side of Tierra del Fuego, Río Grande, we counted at least four stray dogs only in the block where the dog pound is located. Among barks, they are the ones who escort us to the entrance of the place, but remain outside just in case: inside they'd be castrated and get a chip implanted. While we wait to interview the chief of veterinarians of the municipal government, two men who attend a few tight cages used to lock up the dogs who have bitten people, recognize that their work is clearly insufficient: while they castrate a hundred dogs, another thousand are born outside.

Luis Ruiz, the veterinarian in charge, receives us after a surgical intervention to a small poodle that will not be able to breed anymore. The little dog is still numb by the anesthesia while the official takes off the protective mask as he admits that they are "swamped" and that the appearance of wild dogs at the end of the world will have no solution unless some behaviors are changed. "We have to work a lot more with the dogs -says Ruiz-. But there's even more work to be done with the human being". Only a small fraction of the dogs that swarm through the streets of the city and sometimes migrate to the countryside, are taken to the dog pound. Those who do not return to their homes and settle in the forests are the "feral" ones. The lack of adequate controls and care in the city ultimately impacts the entire environment.