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The frontier of the hereafter

The fine line that separates Norte de Santander and Venezuela hides burial grounds of disappeared people from both sides, victims of violence by illegal armed groups that move at ease between both countries. Their relatives travel through trails, sidewalks and even cemeteries on the Venezuelan side, in search of their missing ones, without the help of any government.

8/17/2017 3:13:12 PM

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Carmen Cecilia Torres Maldonado has been living an ordeal for seven years and two months. Exactly since April 9, 2010. His only son, Sergio Omar Abril Torres, disappeared that day. Since then she has had no peace of mind. Such has been the change in her life, that she stopped working in the school near her home, in the neighborhood Trigal del Norte, in Cúcuta, to dedicate herself to the search of her firstborn.

At the time of his disappearance, Sergio Omar, according to his mother, had been working as a motorcycle-taxi driver in the El Escobal neighborhood of Cúcuta for two years. The young man's job was to take people to Ureña, a Venezuelan community after the international bridge Francisco de Paula Santander, in exchange for money.