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The King Midas of the Clap Business Lays His Hands on the Gold of Guyana

Multiple indications suggest that Colombian entrepreneur Alex Saab, one of the largest suppliers of the food programs of the Government of Nicolás Maduro and target of the police investigations of several countries, participates in the opaque exchange of precious metals for consumer goods established between Venezuela and Turkey. The new president of the state company Minerven being a former employee of his, is just one of the clues.

28/10/2018 12:00:00

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A presidential decree of July 20, 2018, formalized the appointment of Adrián Antonio Perdomo Mata as president of the Venezuelan General Mining Company (CVG Minerven), the state company in charge of exploring, exploiting and processing gold from the Guayana mines, south of the country.

A month later, on August 31, another decree by President Nicolás Maduro authorized the creation of Mibiturven, a joint venture between Minerven and a company with a Turkish registry, named Marilyns Proje Yatirim.

Although not evident at first sight, both decisions are connected with Alex Saab Morán, the Colombian entrepreneur whose business with Venezuela ?especially his participation in the importation of supplies for the program of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP)?is currently investigated by the authorities of several countries.

Note: María de Los Ángeles Ramírez Cabello cooperated with this report from Ciudad Guayana.