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The Mexican milk of the Claps - Many Brands, Poor Quality and Virtually One Supplier

Even though there are new brands, a new physical-chemical analysis requested by Armando.Info to UCV researchers shows that the milk powder currently distributed through the Venezuelan Government's food aid program, still has poor nutritional performance that jeopardizes the health of those who consume it. In the meantime, a mysterious supplier manages to monopolize the increasing imports and sales from Mexico to Venezuela.

07/10/2018 10:38:10

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Whole cow's milk, which once had bad press but is recovering its nutritional prestige all over the world, is a food that contains fat, calcium, proteins, lactose and water in certain proportions prescribed in international standards. This objective definition is diluted when it comes to the packaged product labeled as Milk Powder, included in the combos of the Local Committees of Supply and Production (Claps).

The program, initially conceived as part of the communal economy system, ended up as a social control mechanism through the more or less consistent distribution of food packages. It also became a juicy opportunity for private importers linked to the government of Nicolás Maduro, who created program in 2016 as his final answer to the alleged Economic War, which based on his story, was led against him by the United States of America and the Venezuelan bourgeoisie.

Although the business arose prior to the sanctions imposed by USA, Canada, Switzerland and the European Union, the intermediaries chosen by the Government have been working in recent months to avoid the financial and logistics barriers that these measures entail. What seems to remain unchanged is the model of maximizing profits at the expense of consumers' health, mostly of the poorest sectors. The product supplied as milk powder in the Clap combos is a paste of zero nutritional values that does not deserve to be called milk.