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Business of CLAP Boxes Enriches Intermediaries in Spain

The network of intermediaries contracting with the Venezuelan Foreign Trade Corporation (Corpovex) to bring CLAP boxes seems infinite. In Sabadell, a town near Barcelona, a virtually cash shell company got 70 million dollars for outsourcing the shipment of food to Venezuela thanks to the administration of Nicolás Maduro, which buys the contents of the boxes at discretionary prices and without control. Last year alone, the government spent 2,500 to 3,500 million dollars, but only the leaders of the "Bolivarian revolution" know the actual figure.

18/03/2018 0:00:00

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"Blessed the day on which the Local Supply and Production Committees, the CLAPs, were born," President Nicolás Maduro affirmed as he walked among small crops at the Fabricio Ojeda Endogenous Nucleus, a sort of artisanal sowing yard, west of Caracas, on last March 12 during the celebration of the second anniversary of the state plan. "We have to learn to produce. Venezuela must be a school, a productive field," the president harangued.

His words are contradictory, because if something stands out in the millions of CLAP boxes distributed in recent months is not the strength of Venezuelan production but the assortment of imported products unknown in the Venezuelan market, sometimes of dubious quality, which have fattened the accounts of at least a dozen intermediaries - many of them registered in tax havens - to import food mostly from Mexico, but also from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Panama.