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Odebrecht's Masterpiece of Corruption worthy of an Art Gallery

Beyond the names of political figures and Government officials involved, the corruption plot deployed by the Brazilian construction company in Venezuela brought huge amounts of money in irregular payments into circulation. In Swiss banks, the transit of at least 235 million dollars was detected, mostly bribes linked to the Tocoma hydroelectric project, which after feeding the accounts of intermediaries reached their destination. For now, investigations determine that the capillarity through which the funds flowed led to art merchants, patriarchs of civil engineering dynasties, and even sports managers.

19/08/2018 0:00:00

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Payments from the so-called caja dos (box 2) of Odebrecht also ended up in the Freites Gallery in Caracas. It had to be to buy artworks. It is the only explanation admitted by Alejandro Freites, the owner of the prestigious establishment in Las Mercedes - a Bohemian neighborhood of major brand shops in the southeast of the Venezuelan capital - when asked to go over the transfers of funds registered in Switzerland and for which the prosecution of that country includes him in the cast of the now famous Lava Jato scandal.

"I have nothing to do with Odebrecht," he warns just in case. "I never knew that that person had a relationship with Odebrecht; otherwise, I would have asked them to finance a book of artworks as they financed another gallery".