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He who cuts the cake takes the biggest slice, learned the Viceroy of Odebrecht in Venezuela

Euzenando Azevedo had the doors of the Miraflores Palace open with Chávez and at the same time, he had a direct line with CEO Marcelo Odebrecht. Then, he became a key witness in the parade of plea bargains of the Lava Jato case. However, despite the many privileges, his testimony fell short. He failed to inform about some bank accounts in Switzerland that reveal that he kept money with one of the commissioners he had reported, Venezuelan lawyer Héctor Dáger.

12/08/2018 0:00:00

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Euzenando Azevedo tried to pass unnoticed. Little is known about the managing director of Odebrecht in Venezuela —who due to his access to Chávez regime authorities and his plenipotentiary manners, is known by some as the Viceroy of Odebrecht— since his appearance on December 15, 2016 before the Brazilian authorities. There, he confessed that they even forged Government documents and budgets. He recalled about no-bid contracts arbitrarily assigned and mentioned parallel pays for managers who speeded up payments.

But he failed to say that he had shared bank accounts in Switzerland with one of the commissioners he accused.

Euzenando Prazeres de Azevedo appears in three bank accounts in Switzerland which he shared with Venezuelan lawyer Héctor Joseph Dáger Gaspard, whom he pointed out one and a half year ago as one of the commissioners he had recruited to get the government of President Hugo Chávez to reduce the resources owed for works, like the promised and still unfinished hydroelectric dam of Tocoma, in the south of the country, in the State of Bolívar.