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Odebrecht Confessions

Kept under lock and key in Brazil since late 2016, the videos of the Odebrecht trial on Venezuela finally appear. As of today, Armando.info begins to publish a string of clips that show the faces of the witnesses who documented the case. Some of their statements had already been published on this platform, but here they go with the voice and tone of their protagonists.

03/06/2018 0:00:00

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Considered the key witness in the Lava Jato case in Venezuela, Odebrecht managing director in Caracas, Euzenando Azevedo, collaborated with the Brazilian justice in exchange for procedural benefits. He gave his testimony in the courts of the State of Sergipe, northeast of Brazil, to avoid ending up in jail.

It was on December 16, 2016. Although a good portion of his words had already been quoted on this platform, the videos were kept in Brazil's courts for a year and a half. But the secret has just been broken and today, it is possible to meet them in an effort of the Network of Structured Journalists, which joins together journalists of IDL in Peru, La Nacion of Argentina, La Prensa of Panama, Sudestada in Uruguay, and Quinto Elemento Lab in Mexico.