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Peña Nieto, Do Not Back Out

The accomplished election of the National Constituent Assembly has flourishing businesses between Mexico and Venezuela in suspense. The country of North America has considered adhering to the trade sanctions announced by Washington, now that the chavista regime will cease the Parliament elected in 2015 and will initiate a raid against the political opposition. If the decision materializes, it will be a blow to the flourishing trade exchange between the two countries, which has allowed stocking the Local Supply and Production Committees, President Nicolás Maduro’s emergency plan to face shortages and the discontent of the population with Mexican supplies. It is a silent business, marked by opacity, from which entrepreneurs linked to the Venezuelan regime, as Samark López and Alex Saab, have benefited.

01/08/2017 9:54:05

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Paradoxes weave a shadow between Mexico and Venezuela. Both countries currently maintain what could be the worst diplomatic relationship in their common history, but at the same time they have reinforced their trade links as never before. The Ministry of Economy endorses that. Nicolás Maduro’s regime has become the main buyer in several food categories even amidst the tension caused by Enrique Peña Nieto's position on the Venezuelan crisis.