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Cilia Flores’ Favorite Nephew: The Man behind the Treasury

Carlos Erik Malpica Flores is one of the most powerful civilians in Venezuela because of his resources and positions held. He is the current treasurer of the Republic and administrator of PDVSA finances. He has had an astronomical career as a public official since he joined the government with the help of his aunt Cilia Flores and uncle Nicolás Maduro. For 10 years, he has managed to stay in the dark and carefully watch over the details of his management. His name began to resonate recently, after two young relatives of the First Lady were arrested for alleged drug trafficking in New York. Today, his identity is exposed, as well as a series of businesses in Panama associated with his relatives.

11/22/2015 2:59:40 PM

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Although he never appears in public, the name of Carlos Erik Malpica Flores is linked to a series of recently created businesses. The family of the national treasurer registered 16 companies in Panama since Nicolás Maduro came to power in 2013. Quiet, low-profile, is the faceless power. But more importantly, he is Cilia Flores' favorite nephew.

Truths and lies are told about the first lady -first fighter in revolutionary-speak. But a side of her personality seems to admit no argument: she is a woman who helps, protects and defends her own in all circumstances.

It barely mattered that in 2008 the press found on the payroll of the National Assembly—back then under her iron-fist leadership—47 of her family members with positions in the organization chart. Nor has she seemed to care that on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, a nephew and a foster child were sent to prison in New York on charges of conspiring to introduce a shipment of cocaine into the United States of America, in what has undoubtedly been an unprecedented scandal in Venezuelan political history. Instead of dissociating herself from this, Cilia Flores opted to stay home and wait. Some families have a pact of silence and the Flores is among them.

However, Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas and Efraín Campo Flores, those involved in the drug scandal in the U.S., are not Cilia’s favorite nephews, but the son of her sister Eloísa, Carlos Erik Malpica Flores, with much more power, consolidated at the presidential family’s side after his astronomical climb up the roads of public administration. Pdvsa Vice Presidency of Finance, a position he reached in late 2014, looks like the pinnacle of a career that began a few years ago, on September 28, 2005, with the position of Director General of Administrative Management and Services at the National Assembly (NA), while his political uncle Nicolás Maduro was chairing the Parliament.

A year later, he held a similar position in the Chancery when the then-President Hugo Chávez appointed Maduro Minister of Foreign Affairs. In late 2012, when Chávez was already terminally ill and Maduro was second in command, Malpica Flores joined the Vice Presidency of the Republic as Director General in charge of that office. Finally, when his uncle ascended into office, he consolidated his position as administrator of the country's finances. He has been assistant treasurer, director general of Bandes and Treasurer of the Nation, in that same order. Nowadays, he manages the national budget, additional credits and many financial funds that the economists qualify as non-auditable due to lack of reports and public balance sheets.