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Parable of the Bad Gringo and the Other One that May not be as Bad

Two US citizens arrived in Venezuela this year on closed dates, and both were left in prison to face terrorism charges. Since then, their destinations began to diverge. Deportation is expected for one of them; a long season in Venezuelan dungeons for the other. But, above all, it is an exercise to test the definitions of 'terrorism' and 'news' for the propaganda apparatus of the chavista government, archrival of Washington. While the capture of one of them deserved a press conference by the Minister of Interior, the other went unnoticed. Why? Who is who in these parallel stories?

14/08/2016 14:26:48

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Two men with the same nationality, American, stepped on Venezuelan soil for different reasons, and ended up with their bones in jail. One arrived on June 11 directly from the United States, on a commercial flight to meet again with his native conquest, which he met on the Internet. The other, nobody knows from where or when he arrived, maybe by land from Brazil and perhaps to hide from the authorities, which he evaded for almost 20 years. One, with no criminal record, appeared in all state media and his case even deserved a national radio and television network by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Justice, and Peace; the other, with two Interpol arrest warrants, did not have space in the national media.

Joshua Holt, born in Utah, USA, 24 years ago, provisionally lived in Ciudad Caribia, the housing complex devised by President Hugo Chávez in 2006, close to the Caracas-La Guaira highway, on the way to the Simón Bolívar international airport in the state of Vargas. On June 30, he was surprised while in bed by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in a People’s Liberation Operation (OLP), the twenty-third security plan implemented by the governments of the self-styled Bolivarian Revolution to end the insecurity that mortifies the Venezuelan people. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he was caught in flagrante.