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General Vivas against Oblivion

Ángel Vivas Perdomo lived besieged in his house just over three years. He gained enormous fame because he resisted armed an arrest warrant issued by President Nicolás Maduro in February 2014. Over the months, his case was buried by the avalanche of news generated in Venezuela. Hurt, he wrote a diatribe against everyone before being captured by the state security forces on April 7. This is the story of a man who feels misunderstood.

18/05/2017 16:30:33

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On April 7, 2017, Brigadier General Ángel Omar Vivas Perdomo got up before dawn. One thousand 138 days had elapsed since February 23, 2014, the last time he could leave his house in the neighborhood of Prados del Este, in Caracas. Three years, one month and thirteen days with the torture of knowing that as soon as he set foot on the street he would be arrested by order of President Nicolás Maduro. Three years, one month and thirteen days doing the same as always after badly sleeping a few hours in the early morning, with the certainty of knowing that one day, his executioners would handcuff him.

Vivas left his room, walked to the guest room of his big house and took the Bible as soon as he stepped through the doorjamb. From the window of the room an intricate and wooded patio is observed, where the general spent most of his forced confinement, taking care of a small vegetable and fruit garden, and a piece of sky. At that time it was not clear yet. The general drew the curtain and repeated the routine well known to his wife Estrella Vitora: open the Bible, read its pages and find in its passages explanations to the condemnation of living under siege without believing that a crime has been committed. "That morning my husband told me that he had asked God to stop the injustice of living harassed. He was already tired of this situation," recalls Vitora many days after her husband was taken into custody.