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Desiré Obadía, or How to Mass Import and Go Unnoticed under the Chavismo

Sometimes intermediary, others, supplier, but always omnipresent, this Venezuelan is one of the most active and unknown person in the registration of companies in tax havens of the Caribbean. Many of these companies were incorporated ad hoc to do business with Corporación Casa, a food import state entity.

29/03/2016 16:17:21

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At 73 years of age, in the autumn years of a fulfilled life, as he says, Venezuelan entrepreneur Desiré David Obadía Medionies is little known by the public, though well known in Mossack Fonseca.

In an internal email of April 2008, Ramsés Owens, a lawyer and, by then, one of the most senior executives of the Panamanian law firm, urged a subordinate, "Daisy, PLEASE let's send a message like this before OBADÍA gets mad,..."

Owens then drew up a profile of the case presented by this recently attracted client, Obadía, who promises to invoice a lot with the law firm for the registration of companies, administration and other services of MF product portfolio. However, out of the blue, Obadía showed himself as demanding and grumpy. Owens recalls that last week, Obadía had visited the offices of MF in Panama. "I personally attended him. There was no other person who dared to attend him, considering his difficult and aggressive personality." But, in his defense, he says in the letter that the client is going through a difficult moment, "he is separated and in the process of divorce, and that makes him be in worse mood."