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A Revolution of Santeros

Armando.info publishes an excerpt from the extended edition of “Los brujos de Chávez” (Chávez’s warlocks and witches), the lauded book by David Placer, a Venezuelan journalist based in Spain, published in Venezuela by the publishing company Editorial Dahbar. The chronicle shows what could be the highlight of the Chavista Santeria, the exhumation of the remains of Simón Bolívar, ordered by the late president commander because he was determined to prove that the Liberator had been poisoned in San Pedro Alejandrino. From there, Placer cites episodes and talks with witnesses in Miami and Caracas, who claim that Chávez became a santero (practitioner of Santeria) before assuming the presidency for the first time in 1999. With his research, Placer completed a deliberately hidden aspect of the volcanic life of the leader of the Bolivarian process.

24/09/2017 15:39:39

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Bolivar's face was behind him, shadowing him, as was often the case. He wore a red shirt and a dark blue jacket, which looked black before the intense spotlights of the cameras. His voice was not the usual, because it seemed calmer. He breathed each syllable softly, as if he were trying not to wake someone who sleeps. Despite his intimate communication, he was addressing the entire country.

Father Bolívar. Bolívar. We have seen Bolívar. His rests. (The camera made close up of the face of the Liberator, which the painter wanted to capture tousled from the wind). I have had some doubts, of course. I am not the first throughout these years. But last night, when seeing the remains of Bolívar, my heart said "yes, it is me". And I remembered Neruda, looking at the skeleton, looking at the skull, looking at the space where the eyes were. And I asked him in silence, praying, that question of Neruda, of the great Pablo Neruda. I asked him: «Father, are you, or are not you, or who are you?» And Neruda himself answered me from the heart: "Yes, it is me, but I wake up every hundred years when the people wake up."