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Sarah Moya, the PDVSA Executive who Moves in Overseas Territories

The name of the former head of the Venezuelan oil company in Colombia appears in the papers of Mossack Fonseca with 100% of the shares of a company created in June 2011, of which she requested to be dissolved six months later. She is unemployed since August 2015, when she was replaced by the ex-sister-in-law of President Nicolás Maduro

08/05/2016 13:13:31

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In April 2011, the then manager of Pdvsa Gas Colombia, Sarah Moya, received a power-of-lawyer to manage a company registered by Mossack Fonseca in the British Virgin Islands. The documents revealed do not indicate the use given to that company, but according to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Moya is involved in an investigation by the Andorran authorities for money laundering from contracts of the Venezuelan oil company, and it would have as launch point the same Caribbean tax haven where the above company was registered.

Six months after the registration of company Helmont Finance Corporation, on December 16, 2011, the Panamanian law firm received two emails requesting the dissolution of the company, one from the account of the representative of the state oil company. Moya ratified the request to dissolve the company with a letter of January 10, 2012. "Please process this instruction at your earliest convenience and confirm your execution by email to Pablo Escudero as soon as it is processed," it is read before the signature of the former senior officer of Pdvsa Gas Colombia.