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The Military Man that Signed the Most Contracts with the Ministry of Health

José Gregorio Vicari Méndez, an assimilated physician of the Bolivarian Army, was the successful owner of Proveeduría Médica VDS, a medical supplies company that signed hundreds of contracts with the health office during the oil boom. This finding is part of a database developed by Armando.info with the public information contained in the National Register of Contractors. Although the Organic Law of the Office of the Comptroller states that an active official could have administrative responsibility if entering into contracts with the State, Vicari Méndez, who is no longer a member of the company, presents an argument in his defend that goes beyond the tragedy of Venezuela's shortages. "If I have a patient with a requirement, if there is no material, but I know where there is, I look for it. What should I do? Should I not operate?

8/6/2017 12:58:56 PM

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In the history of commercial relationships between private companies and the Venezuelan State, Proveeduría Médica VDS could pass unnoticed. But it should not. In the National Register of Contractors (RNC), this company appears as the one entering into the most contracts with the State, 406 in total. One of its shareholders was José Gregorio Vicari Méndez, a traumatologist specialized in hand surgery and assimilated by the Army.

As a military officer and public employee, under article 34 of the Law of Statutes in Public Office and article 145 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Vicari Méndez is barred from" entering into contracts by himself, intermediaries or on behalf of another with the Republic, the states, municipalities and other state or private legal entities". He did it though.