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Eternal Expansion of Atahualpa Fernández

In business, the entrepreneurs who have amassed fortunes to the rhythm of the schizophrenic chavista economy stand out. A Peruvian-Spanish citizen has developed a real emporium in the last 13 years. Once pointed out as the potential financial channel between the Venezuelan government and the Spanish political party Podemos, it could only be confirmed that he works shoulder to shoulder with the military and every day incorporates new businesses to his emporium. Atahualpa Fernández continues to gain ground among the entrepreneurs protected by the ruling party.

26/10/2017 12:14:50

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In financial operations, Atahualpa Fernández Arbulu is an expert in business multiplication. In the decadent Venezuelan economy, two of his new ventures, Tosta'o Coffee Market and Kenco Estudio Creativo flourish against any forecast, no matter how bad it may be. These companies were born in the worst years of the crisis in Venezuela and with an unexpected expansion under way. His secret is the close alliances with chavismo.

None of his projects has decreased in the self-styled Bolivarian revolution. There is a recent complaint of plagiarism of the concept against the cafeteria, located in eastern Caracas, filed by the famous food chain Tostao' Café & Pan, of the BBI International group and originally from Colombia. But Fernandez is unconcerned. He knows that his version, already operative and opened in September by the Ministry of Tourism of Venezuela —led by Marleny Contreras, wife of Diosdado Cabello, the powerful number two of chavismo, current deputy of the pro-government Constituent Assembly—, is just beginning its growth in a commercial alliance with the Venezuelan state institution of tourism (Venetur). "Everyone has won more than ever with this revolutionary process. Evidently under the laws," Fernandez revealed in March in an interview to the main channel of the State, Venezolana de Televisión, during the celebration of the Power Expo 2017, a fair designed to publicize the relationships of the government of Nicolás Maduro with the private sector.