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Cruz Weffer: The Chavista General who disembarked in a Tax Haven

In 2007, Retired General Víctor Cruz Weffer, head of Plan Bolívar 2000 and Fondur, opened a company in Seychelles after he was charged for illicit enrichment and data concealment. He could never justify the Bs. 1,071 million increase of his equity, equal to 86% of the funds he managed from 2000 to 2003.

29/03/2016 11:08:00

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Residents of Juan Manuel Cajigal home residency, located in the San Andres area of the populated El Valle parish of Caracas, complain about the problems affecting their homes since they were built in the dawn of the self-styled Bolivarian revolution: leaks, lack of water, overcrowding and unfinished works. The apartments, built by the National Housing Institute, Inavi, one block from El Valle Metro station, were part of the first major project of Plan Bolivar 2000, a civic-military alliance launched by the then President Hugo Chávez during the first year of his government, with the promise of directly serving poor families through various services: popular markets, street repair, medical care and construction of popular housing.

On June 6, 1999, in the Aló Presidente (Hello President) program number 2, which was back then broadcasted on Radio Nacional de Venezuela station, a willful Chávez announced the construction of the first 128 popular homes in the San Andrés area through the merger of State institutions "in order to prevent anarchy and corruption." Also, the recently elected president stressed that for the construction of 1,424 apartments in El Valle area of Caracas and another 1,800 in Valles del Tuy in Miranda, 20 billion bolivars (33 million US dollars at the time) would be invested, and that only to start the first year, 7 billion bolivars (11.5 million dollars) had been approved. "That is part of the Plan Bolívar 2000, in which I take a chance on life," said the former president when the so-called Fifth Republic was in full expansion.