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Chery Cars - A Great Deal for the Yammine Family

The family of Lebanese origin and creator of Tiuna military vehicles is the one who really controls the assembly operation of the Chinese make cars. It is formally a "mixed company" that the Government qualifies as a "highly successful experience", used by the group to secure a majority share of access to the foreign currency of the business to import parts and assembly material through an offshore corporate structure.

06/04/2016 11:06:10

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The Chery car business is one that runs in Venezuela. Unlike the fate of other car makes in recent years, which have disappeared from the local market, the Chinese make cars are seen everywhere thanks to the support of the Government.

Last year alone, Nicolás Maduro announced the purchase of 20 thousand Chery taxis, an amount that exceeds the production of the seven private car assembly plants in 2015. Massive imports of the make began with Hugo Chávez, especially between 2010 and 2014. The former president was also a kind of supporter to start assembling Chery cars in the country.