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The Russian Engines that Do Not Start

From 2012 to 2015, the truck company Kamaz led the shipment records from Russia to Venezuela. Chassis, engines and a range of spare parts entered the country continuously through the local intermediary J.C. International 2004, C.A., a company where the latest partners are also engaged in the business of meat distribution. For years, the Venezuelan government and Kamaz have promised the construction of a car assembly plant in the country but it never materialized, as well as the idea of filling the roads of Venezuela with vehicles of this make.

07/01/2018 0:00:00

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Two rows of yellow, blue and red trucks, perfectly arranged one after the other, are shown on broadcast television. Although the colors allude to the Venezuelan flag, little they have of Venezuelan production. If the yellow color were changed to white, it would be more appropriate to their actual place of origin, Russia.

"These trucks come to pay tribute to performance and efficiency," explained Hugo Cabezas, who for in 2012, served as governor of the state of Trujillo, while receiving 22 Russian Kamaz-type trucks to be used in Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela (Housing Mission) and Cayapa Mission, which deals with agricultural roads. "With them we are saving up to 65% of the cost in the construction of houses, as well as the construction and restoration of rural roads," added Cabezas, who saw the arrival of transport as a way to solve the main problems of the region.