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Brazilian construction companies also gave little bites

Delations of the 'Lava Jato' case in Brazil have produced an outpouring of testimonies about irregular payments that flood and splash power circles in Venezuela. But not everything happens between hierarchs of politics. The contractors, with Odebrecht at the head, distributed where they thought was necessary and in the right magnitudes. While papers of the Brazilian prosecutor's office continue filtering, the talk of the files mentions a wide range of personalities that includes from businessman Gustavo Cisneros to a member of the opposition.

6/6/2017 2:24:05 PM

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Not only with big fishes, but also with small baits, bites of moderate amounts, the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht won the favors of intermediaries and second-line officials. It is what is being learned, as the largest corruption plot in the history of Brazil reveals, the Lava Jato, the film of which is not finally being projected. This week, the prosecutors in the case opted to postpone the publication of the files they have been promising to publish for the rest of Latin America. But invoices, transfers and testimonies appear in dribs and drabs, which are evidence that the Brazilians bought large favors and small favors in the Bolivarian Republic.

For example, a transfer of US$ 50,000 from Multibank of Panama ended in account number 7575921120 of the Commercebank of Miami on October 3, 2007. The issuer was Constructora Internacional del Sur, a front company of the isthmus that - as has been proven - served as a cover for Odebrecht to pay bribes abroad. The receiving account in Florida is accredited in the name of José Pestana, a Venezuelan official then in charge of the Project of Line 4 of Metro de Caracas.