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These Milks come from those Powders

In Mexico, there is a long tradition of cheating in the supply of dairy products packaged for social programs. Hence, it should not be surprising that the Venezuelan corruption had found in that country the perfect formula to include in the so-called CLAP Boxes a paste purchased at auction price as cow's powdered milk. For a mysterious reason, ghostly or barely known companies are the ones monopolizing purchase orders from Venezuela.

19/02/2018 14:42:23

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The verification that the powdered milk included in the so-called "CLAP boxes" is fraudulent, opens questions about the vendors and intermediaries selected by the Venezuelan authorities and the controls that the authorities could apply on the imported product. But that inquiry must not overlook the origin of the merchandise, Mexico. This country registers a dismal tradition of poor quality dairy products intended for its social programs. False information in the nutrition facts label and low supply of nutrients are part of a verifiable pattern both in the CLAP program of Nicolás Maduro Government and in successive initiatives of the Mexican Government.

From as early as 2004, the Consumer Protection Federal Agency (Profeco), one of the federal agencies in Mexico dealing with consumers’ right, have been warning that some brands of milk show problems in commercial information or bear misleading and deceptive legends. In 2006, through the Ministry of Economy, Profeco revealed that 400 brands of dairy products cheated consumers by offering soy or rice drinks as milk. Already in 2008, the agency imposed large fines on more than a hundred brands and banned the sale of four million products.