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The Colombian Department with More Malaria Cases from Abroad

The porous border has loaded the inhabitants of the Colombian Amazon with the cases of its Venezuelan neighbors. Shortage and indifference has led patients to seek treatment even in Bogotá. Meanwhile in San Fernando de Atabapo, the transmitting mosquito has folded people back into their homes. But "God exists." So says a mural that receives visitors at the port.

2/13/2017 12:18:14 PM

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Following the Guaviare River from San Fernando de Atabapo and at one hour's sailing is Puerto Inírida, capital of the Guainía department and its most populated city. A town founded 205 years after San Fernando de Atabapo, and that many say was developed with Venezuelan gold.

The only bleached in this place anchored in the middle of the jungle is a green Santa Claus painted on the concrete stairs that you must climb to enter the town. Everything looks clean and tidy. The first businesses have signs announcing the purchase of scrap, gold, silver, copper, bronze and aluminum, and of course, the purchase and sale of pesos and bolivars, transfers to different banks in Venezuela. Three wheeler cars circulate along the asphalted streets and you can see lots of stores, restaurants and even an acoustic shell in the avenues.

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