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The Eternal Return of Garbage in Havana

In socialist Cuba waste is recycled but not as an ecological practice but as a means of survival. In one of the largest landfills in the capital you can see the so-called 'divers' digging in the dumps to feed the black market circuits, where authorities and traffickers have a slice, until the products -mayonnaise or meat, grains or soft drinks- arrive at the domestic pantries. With this work, Armando.info begins to publish in-depth reports made in the largest of the Antilles.

1/15/2016 11:53:29 AM

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Havana - Cristino Rojas does not go along the Buena Suerte street, hawking Delicia mayonnaise or Toki soft drinks. He got these products from his humble and risky job as a collector in a landfill in Havana. A lethal disease took him in less than six months. While in the rest of the world the big markets throw out tons of food close to their expiration date, in Fidel Castro's Cuba the Government and the black market only pretend to do it.