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Odebrecht funded Diosdado Cabello

A dozen Venezuelan politicians appear among the beneficiaries of the Brazilian contractor and the names of Elías Jaua, a deputy, and Francisco Rangel Gómez, governor of Bolívar state in Venezuela, stand out. Odebrecht’s representative in Venezuela, Euzenando Azevedo, confessed to everything in Brazil and his testimony -leaked in this article- remarks that the list includes prominent individuals from Venezuela’s government but also leaders of the opposition such as Manuel Rosales, Carlos Ocariz and Antonio Ledezma.

7/31/2017 11:27:47 AM

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Odebrecht had no favorites in its support to Venezuela’s government or its opposition. The Brazilian contractor –which is currently facing the greatest corruption scandal in Latin America– funded several of the regional campaigns carried out by adherents of the government. However, behind the scenes, it secretly did the same with leaders of the opposition. Currently, there is access to a list of names and it starts with none other than Diosdado Cabello who is second in command and, it is said, could preside the National Constituent Assembly that the Bolivarian Revolution intends to establish.

In 2008, Odebrecht sponsored Diosdado’s campaign and covered its costs. That was the same election that he ended up losing, along with the chance of being reelected governor of Miranda state. That year, his opponent, Henrique Capriles, kicked him out of the game and, as for today, it can be stated that Cabello lost even with the economic support of the Brazilian constructor giant. These claims are based on the testimony that Odebrecht’s Executive Director in Venezuela, Euzenando Azevedo, gave to the Brazilian legal authorities and whose evidence was leaked for this news story.