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The revolving door of the military is made of cement

In the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, which has a strong military component, military officers can act, simultaneously or progressively, even in contravention of the law, as troops leaders, government executives and even state contractors. One in three of the 785 military officers active in their time who, as private, contracted with the public administration during the last ten years, did it from companies that have the social purpose of construction. One case stands out: Major General Frank Herbert Lynch Dávila. The family company of which he is part has received contracts for construction works for years while the officer escalated positions until being in charge of the cement supply throughout the country.

09/07/2017 9:56:35

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If something has characterized the so-called Bolivarian Revolution, initiated by President Hugo Chávez and continued by his successor, Nicolás Maduro, is the active participation of military personnel in political responsibilities and techno-productive areas. It is no secret that officers of the four components of the armed forces represent one-third of the cabinet, and that in the last few years they have had a free rein for contracts of food purchase and sale, preferential dollar imports and even social security management. Wherever you look, in the current government, there is someone wearing an olive-green military uniform.

However, it is surprising to corroborate that in the last ten years, at least 785 officers have been State contractors. It is the figure that comes up by crossing the list of companies of the National Registry of Contractors - a database that has been downloaded and processed for this series of reports that starts today - and the list of military promotions within the public administration provided by Vendata, derived from 2,763 editions of the Official Gazette published during that period.